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Richard and Marie Crumplehere

Richard and Marie Crumplehere

Will inventory and other documents

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Original Will of Richard Crumpelhere [1594]
Original Will of Richard Crumpelhere [1594]
1. In the name of God Amen 1594 I Richard [Crum]plhere of
2. the p[ar]ish of Winterborne Kingstone sicke in bodie but
3. of good and p[er]fect remembrance, doe make my last
4. will and Testament ^the xij of Januarie^ in manner and forme following
5. first I comitt my soule to Almightie god & my bodie
6. to be buried at the discretion of my executor or
7. admynistr in Christian buryall
8. It[e]m I geve to my p[ar]ishe Church of Kingstone xijd
9. It[e]m to the poore of the same p[ar]ishe xijd
10. whereas I rec[eaved] yerely during the terme of
11. foure or five yeres of Mr Ric[har]d Mychell xli by
12. the yere to the use of Marie my Wiffe and
13. Thomas my son[ne], In Considerac[i]on hereof I
14. geve and bequeth to Marie my Wiff and Thomas my
15. son[ne] all my goods and cattels moveable and
16. unmoveable in full satisfaction of the anuitie
17. aforsaid
18. In Witnesse hereof I have putte my hand
19. Testibus Mr Richard Mychell
20. Thomas Strongwayes
21. Robert Powell /Clerke/

The probate section is in Latin. A translation is:

19th November 1595 was granted administration of the goods etc of Richard Crumplehere and
Marie Crumplehere his relict, deceased, and also the guardianship of Thomas Crumplehere
their son during his minority, to Richard Michell, Thomas Strangwayes
gentleman, Hubert Galton and John Galton, in the person of John Symons notary
public, their proxy, sworn etc., and they have to render account at Michaelmas
Register Copy of the Will of Richard Crumpelhere [1594]
Register Copy of the Will of Richard Crumpelhere [1594]
At that time the year ended on 24 March, so Jan 1594 is 1595 by modern reckoning.

1. In the name of God Amen 1594 I Richard
2. Crunplehere of the p[ar]ish of Winterborne Kingston
3. sick in body but of good and p[er]fect remembrance
4. do make this my last will and Testament the
5. xijth of Januarie in man[ner] and Forme Following
6. First I comitt my soule into the hands of
7. allmighti god and my body to be buried in
8. Christian buriall Item I give to my p[ar]ish
9. Church of Kingstone xijd Item to the poore
10. of the same p[ar]ish xijd whereas I receaved
11. yearley during the terme of fower or fyve yeare[s]
12. of Mr Richard Mychell xli by the yere to the
13. use of Mary my Wiff and Thomas my sonne In
14. Considerac[i]on hereof I give and bequeth to Mary
15. my Wiff and Thomas my sonne all my goods and
16. Cattels moveable and unmoveable in full satisfac[tion]
17. of the anuyti aforsaid In Witness whereof I
18. have putt my hand and witness Mr Richard
19. Michell Thomas Strangwayes Robert Powell
20. Clarke

The probate section is in Latin. A translation is:

On the nineteenth day of the month of November AD
1595 there was granted administration
\and letters of guardianship*/ of all and singular the goods rights and credits
of Richard Crumplehere deceased, late, while he lived, parishioner of
Winterborne Kingston, a peculiar jurisdiction of the Dean of Salisbury,
?from intestacy**, to Richard Michell, Thomas Strangwayes gentleman,
Hubert Galton and John Galton during the minority of Thomas
Crumplehere ,son of the said deceased, in the person of John Symes
their proxy, sworn well and truly to administer and
to pay the debts … …
to render account … … … …
[standard form wording, heavily abbreviated, scrawled and not really worth puzzling out]

* the Latin is ac l’re Tutele.

** the original Latin is ab intestat’, which doesn’t really make sense in the context. 
Will of Mary Crumplehere - 1595 - Winterborne Kingston, Dorset
Will of Mary Crumplehere - 1595 - Winterborne Kingston, Dorset
1. Crumplehere / In dei No[m]i[n]e Amen the xvth

2. of Julie in the yeare of o[u]r lord god 1595 I mary

3. crumplehere of the p[ar]ishe of Winterborne kingston

4. in the Countie of dors[e]t widdow, Sick in body but

5. p[er]fect of remembraunce thank[es] be to god do make

6. this my last will and Testament in man[ner]

7. and forme followinge First I bequeth my soule

8. into the hands of all mighti god the maker of

9. heaven and earth and by the shedding of Jes[u]s

10. Christ[es] bloude I do verily believe that all

11. synnes, and offences be forgiven and washed

12. away and my body I will to be buried at the

13. discrec[i]on of my Executor Inprimis I geve to

14. W[illia]m Crumplehere my husband beste Coate and

15. shirt It[e]m I geve to duke [?true] coate and a payre of breeches

16. It[e]m I geve to my sister tomsey buggis my best

17. petticoate and a wastcoate It[e]m to [? pungniton] an

18. old cloke It[e]m to maude Audeley vjd It[e]m to

19. Peter Eeyser eyght pounde of woll It[e]m Edith

20. Chepman – ij|s vjd It[e]m to mary Crumplehere ijs vjd

21. It[e]m to my sister Johan xxs and my best Copper It[e]m

22. to my sister katherine a black frice Gowne and

23. my working day petticoate It[e]m more to my sist[e]r

24. Johan all the rest of myne appar]ill It[e]m to mary

25. Clarke – xijd It[e]m to M[aste]r Powell xijd It[e]m to

26. my sonne Thomas all the residew of my good

27. and Cattells whom I male my sole Executor of

28. this my last will and Testament fynally I do

29. ordaine and appointe M[aste]r Richard mychell M[aste]r Thomas

30. Strangwayes Hibbert Galton and John Galton to be mu

31. ov[er]seers and to take the benifitt of the goods and to

32. imploy it to the use of my sonne Thomas crumplehere

33. In witnes wherof I have Called these my neighbors

34. whose names are under written M[aste]r Richard

35. Mychell M[ist]ris Mychell M[aste]r Powell /
Mary Crumpler - Will Inventory - 1597 - Page 1
Mary Crumpler - Will Inventory - 1597 - Page 1
1. The accompte of Richard
2. Michele, Thomas Strangwayes gent
3. Huberte Galton, and John Galton
4. yeomen admi[ni]strators of the good[es] cattell[es]
5. & debt[es] of Richard Crumplehere &
6. Marie Crumplehere the relict of
7. the said Richard Crumplehere
8. late whiles they lived of the p[ar]ish
9. of Winterborne Kingston in the
10. Countie of Dorset and peculiar
11. Jurisdiction of the Deane of Sal[isbury]
12. deceased, and Gardians of Thomas
13. Crumplehere the naturall & lawfull
14. sonne of the said Richard & Marie
15. deceased & executor named in the
16. last will and testament of the said
17. Marie deceased during the minoritie
18. of the said Thomas Crumplehere
19. made by them & exhibited unto the
20. wor[shipfu]ll Mr William Wilkinson d[octo]r
21. of lawe officiale to the deane of the
22. Cathedrall churche of Sal[isbur]y the
23. sixt[h]e daie of May Anno
24. d[omi]ni 1597
The charge
1. First the said Richard
2. Michell, Thomas Strangwayes
3. Hubert Galton and John
4. Galton admi[ni]strators gardians
5. and accomptant[es] aforesaid doe
6. Charge them selves w[i]th the
7. good[es] cattall[e] and debt[es] of the
8. said deceased Richard Crum =
10. plehere & Marie Crumplehere
11. amounting to the price and
12. value of Twentie Fyve
13. powndes Fower shilling[es]
14. specified and comprised in an
15. Inventarie thereof made taken
16. & exhibited on the behalfe of
17. the said admi[ni]strators, and
18. accomptant[es] into the office of
19. the said deane of Sar[um] &
20. there remayninge, as by the
21. same beinge cast & exa[m]i[n]ed
22. more at large appeareth the
23. true copie whereof is annexed
24. to these p[rese]ntes

25. S[u]m[m]a p[ate]t
) xxvli iiijs

Marie Crumpler - Probate Account - 1597
Marie Crumpler - Probate Account - 1597
According to Matt Tompkins, "Strictly speaking this is an administration account, though we don't usually bother to distinguish administration accounts from probate accounts and just lump them all together."
1. Item the said admi[ni]strators
2. & accomptant[es] doe further charge
3. themselves with more goodes cattell[es]
4. & debt[es] of the said Richard and
5. Marie Crumplehere deceased to the
6. sum[m]e and valewe of thirtene pound[es]
7. Fowertene shilling[es] two pence w[hic]h
8. have come to their hand[es] since the
9. exhibiting of the Inventories of [the] aforesaid
) xiijli xiiijs ijd
10. S[um]ma oneris [Note 1] xxxviijli xviijs ijd
11. Whereof the said accomptant[es] doe pray
12. to be allowed for divers charges by them
13. necessarilie laid out and paid as followeth
14. viz
15. Imprimis paid to the
16. minister for writing of the will
17. and Inventorie
) xviijd
18. Item, paid for the burial of the
19. said Marie Crumplehere
20. in the churche her shroude
21. & ringinge of her knylls [Note 2]
) xs viijd
22. Item paid for the le[tter]es[?] of adm[in]istrac[i]n
23. & tutelship[?] for the bonde, the seale
24. the othe [Note 3] th’apparitors & proctors
25. Fee, for proving both wills,
26. the proxie & writing the wills
27. & Inventories)
) xxvs
28. It[e]m laid owt and paid for iiijor
29. payre of shoes ijo shirts a jerkyn
30. & a doublet for the said Thomas
31. Crumplehere
) xvijs viijd
32. It[em] for an other paire of shoes for
33. the said Thomas & to the taylor
34. for making & mending of his clothes
) xvd
35. Item xd p[ai]d and deliv[er]ed to a master for
36. the said Thomas Crumplehere
37. at Sherborne
) xxs
38. S[um]ma iijli xvjs jd

39. More the said admi[ni]strators and
40. accomptant[es] doe crave to have allowance
41. for divers debts of the said deceasedes deceased w[hi]ch
42. thy have since their death satisfied &
43. paid vi[delicit]

44. Inprimis p[ai]d to John Punchinton
45. It[e]m p[ai]d to Edith Cherry
46. It[em] paid to Jone Reape
47. It[e]m paid to Roger Sevear
48. S[u]m[m]a
iij li xiiij d
xiiij d
iijli ixs iiijd
49. Also the said accomptant[es] doe pray
50. to be allowed for legacies by them paid
51. & bequeathed by last will of the
52. said deceased as followeth vi[delicit]
53.Inprimis geven &
54. paid to her sister Jone
55. It[e]m to M[aste]r Powell
56. It[e]m to Marie Crumplehere
57. It[e]m to Edith Chepman
58. It[e]m to Mary Clerke
59. It[e]m to Mawde Awdley
60. S[u]m[m]a
) xxs
ijs vjd
ijs vjd
xxvijs vjd
61. Further the said accomptant[e]s
62. crave to be allowed for their charges
63. in and about the passinge of this
64. accompte as followeth
65. Inp[rimis for drawing
66. framing, writing, castinge, and
67. examyning of this accompt

68. It[e]m to the Clarke for engrossing
69. this accompt

70. It[e]m fore the proxie and admission
71. thereof

72. It[em] the proctors Fee
73. It[em] for the othe

74. It[em] for the Quietus est &
75. Seale

76. S[u]m[m]a
) vjs viijd

) iijs iiijd

) xxd


) xjs

77. S[u]m[m]a to[tal]is
78. o[mn]ium allocationu[m] pr[e]d[ictum]
) ixli xvijs xjd
79. Et sic remanet in manib[us]
80. p[re]d[i]c[t]o[rum] ad[ministratorum] et Computantiu[m] in
81. usu[um] Comodu[m] et utiliatem et
82. educac[i]o[n]em d[i]c[t]i Thome Crumpleher
83. duran eius minore etate
84. convertend et disponend
85. Sum[m]a
) xxixli iijd
Translation of lines 77-84:
Grand total of all the aforesaid allowances: £9 17s 11d
And thus there remains in the hands of the aforesaid administrators and accountants for the use, benefit and education of the said Thomas Crumplehere during his minority, to be converted and distributed:

[Note 1]: Summa oneris = Total of the charges
[Note 2]: knylls = knells (tolling the bells)
[Note 3]: othe = oath
Mary Crumpler - Will Inventory - 1597 - Page 3
Mary Crumpler - Will Inventory - 1597 - Page 3
1. An Inventorie of the goods and cattles of ^Richard Crumplehere &^ Marie crumplehere
2. ^his relict^ of the parish of winterborne Kingstone in the countie
3. of Dorset deseased taken the xxjth of September
4. by Mr Richard mychell, Hibbert galton, and John galton, pryser[?]./.
5. Imprimis. in the hall . a table bourd, formes. a cobourde,
6. chaires, a chest, painted clothes, crocks, tong[es]
7. pottgoods, and a tostinge yron. _________________xliiijs
8. Item, panns, bottles, skilletts, p[orr]ongers, platters
9. saucers , and candlestickes __________________xxs
10. It[e]m, barells, trendles, cowles, vate, tubbs,
11. and silt[es] _________________________________xs
12. Item. in a chamber, a payre of sheets, ij payre of
13. blanketts, coverletts, a boulst[er], a pillowe, a
14. tosterne [Note 1] and ij coffers_______________________xxxs
15. It[e]m, wheate, and vatches[Note 1] in the fielde________xvijli xvs
16. It[e]m. a cowe, and a bull______________________ xxxs
17. It[e]. half a weight of woll______________________xvs
18. Sum[m]a) xxvli iiijs.
19. to [?] )
[some Latin here]

[Note 1]: E-mail from Eve McLaughlin dated 1 Mar 2009: "wheat and vatches - that is vetches, a pea like plant which grows naturally among the wheat as a weed, but does have a fair amount of nutriritonal value, so was not just ploughed in. A toberne is presumably a 'testerne' or tester, bedhead, which might be carved of panneled wood, or if they were really decadent, even padded." 
Mary Crumplehere's Will of 1595 - Original Copy
Mary Crumplehere's Will of 1595 - Original Copy
1. In dei no[min]e amen , the xvth of July, in the yere of o[ur]
2. Lorde god 1595. I marie cru[m]plehere of the parishe
3. of Winterbo[u]rne Kingstone in the countie of Dorset,
4. wydowe, Sick in bodye, but p[er]fect of remembraunce /
5. thanks be to god. doe make my last will & testament /
6. in manner and form followinge. First I bequethe my
7. soule into the hand[es] of god, the maker of heaven /
8. and earth. And by the sheddinge of Jesus christ bloude /
9. I doe verely beleve, that all my sinnes, and offences /
10. be forgiven, and washed awaye, and my bodie I will /
11. to be buried at the discretion of my executor /
12. Imprimus I give to Will[ia]m cru[m]plehere my husband[‘s?]
13. best cote and shirt /
14. Item I give to Duke a frice [Note 1] cote & a paire of briggis /
15. Item to my sist[er] tamsey buggis my best petticott & waskett /
16. Item to punginto[u]on an olde cloke /
17. Item to maude Audeley________________vjd
18. Item to peter Keyser eight pounde of woll /
19. Item to ydeth chepma[n]_________ijs vjd
20. Item. to Marye cru[m]plehere,______ijs vjd
21. Item. to my sister Joan, xxs, and my best coffer/
22. Item to my sist[er] Catherine a black frice gowne /
23. and my workinge day petticott /
24. Item more to my sister Joan all the rest of myne
25. apparell /
36. It[e]m. to mary clerke________xijd /
27. It[e]m to M[aste]r Powell [Note 2]________xijd /
28. It[e]m. to my sonne thomas, all the residue of my /
29. goods and cattle whom I make my sole executor /
30. of this my last will and testament / finallye /
31. I doe ordayne, and appoint, M[aste]r Richard mychell /
32. M[aste]r thomas strangwaies, Hubbert galton, and /
33. John galton to be my overseers, and to take the /
34. benefitt of the goods and to imploy it to the
35. use of my son thomas cru[m]plehere/: / In Wittnes
36. Whereof I have called these my neighbo[u]rs /
37. whose names are under written.. //
38. Marster Richarde Mychell
39. Mystres Mychell
40. M[aste]r Powell

[again some Latin here]

[Note 1]: frice = frieze = rough heavy woollen cloth.
[Note 2]: E-mail from Eve McLaughlin dated 2 Mar 09: "The name [...] is Mr Powell, and he is also signatory to the inventory. Could be the local clergyman?"

Linked to Mary, Richard Crumpler