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What Happened to the Crumpler.org Website?

When I began to research my wife's family tree I came across the Crumpler.org website.

The site indicated, "This site is owned by a group of Crumpler descendants who have joined resources to provide a common place for all genealogists who are researching or interested in the Crumpler surname and all related lines. This home page will be the starting point from which you can access different web pages owned by members of our group. We all have met through the Internet and share our common search for our ancestors and the rich heritage of the Crumpler families throughout the world. If you join the Crumpler mailing list you can send your query or message to all of this site's owners at once, plus close to 100 Crumpler researchers."

Alas the mailing list is gone, and the site owners all had Crumpler.org e-mail addresses, which no longer work. I have an archival copy of most of the site, and also maintain Crumpler information on this website. You can see all the Crumpler individuals here by clicking here.

You can make suggestions and corrections on our website by clicking the "Suggest" button on the top of each individual's page. Or you can e-mail me at craig@crumpler-family.com

I also have a page of links from the old website which I will add here in case they are of any help.
James S Crumpler - Born c 1795

The now-departed crumpler.org website indicated, "James Crumpler was born in the small village of Stoborough, just outside the town of Wareham in the county of Dorset. In the 1881 census James was shown as being a veterinary surgeon, although enquiries in the UK indicate that he did not qualify through the UK colleges. In 1881 he was living with his son, James Crumpler, a retired landlord, in the town of Wareham. How did he gain his knowledge of veterinary medicine, and where did he practice?"
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How Did James William Wilkinson Get To Hawaii?

My great-grandfather James Wilkinson was born in central Manchester in 1869 and we believe (according to the 1900 census) that he arrived in the United States in 1888. He worked as an engineer on the inter-island steamships. Family lore says he arrived in Hawaii "as a cadet" and hid in the mountains until his ship sailed away. We have tried to find him in the records of the Royal Navy, without success. It is much more likely that he was a merchant marine, but we'd need the name of his ship to hopefully locate the crew list. So far James' path from Manchester to Honolulu is a mystery. Can you help?
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