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Sarah Jane Buhl

Sarah Jane Buhl

Female 1872 - 1958  (86 years)


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Wilfred Robert Bushby Birth Certificate - South Fremantle, Western Australia

The birth certificate of Wilfred Robert Bushby shows that he was born on 23 March 1914 at 14 South Street, South Fremantle, Western Australia. His father was William James Bushby, age 45 [born c.1869], a carpenter, born in Barrow-in-Furness. His mother was Sarah Jane Buhl, age 41 [born c.1873], born in Stanhope, West Maitland, New South Wales. William and James were married 19 Feb 1895 in West Maitland.

Their other children were William Job Stanley, age 18 [born c.1896], Harold Sydney, age 15 [born c.1899], Violet Alice May, age 9 [born c.1905], and Vera Lilian, age 5 [born c.1909].

Date1 Apr 1914
File nameWilfred-Robert-Bushby-BCw.jpg
File Size398.15k
Dimensions1950 x 933
Linked toSarah Jane Buhl; Harold Sydney Bushby; Vera Lillian Bushby; Violet Alice May Bushby; Wilfred Robert Bushby; William Job Stanley Bushby

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