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"A Man Killed By A Bull" -- Illustrated London News 25 Aug 1849, page 142

"A fatal accident happened to Mr. Samuel Crumpler, of Lytchet, near Poole, on Sunday last. About five o'clock in the evening, whilst crossing a field, a young Norman bull ran at him, and knocked him down; he immediately regained his feet, and was about to chastise the ferocious animal, when he was again knocked down and gored. Some children who witnessed the occurrence then ran for assistance, but on its arrival Mr. Crumpler was dead, and the enraged animal standing over the body, which presented a most distressing spectacle. the clothes, excepting the boots, were all torn off, and the body torn and pierced in many parts. Mr. Cumpler's hat and stick were found about 100 yards from the body, and the impression is that the animal had taken the body on its horns, and either carried or dragged it to the distance at which it was found. An inquest was held on Monday before Mr. I. O. Chislett, deputy-coroner for the hundred of Cogdean, when the jury gave directions that the bull should be killed. Had caps been on the horns of the bull the consequences would not, probably, have been so distressing."

Date25 Aug 1849
File nameSamuel-Crumpler-Bull-Accident.jpg
File Size172.85k
Dimensions750 x 460
Linked toSamuel Crumpler

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