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Ted Gostin's Genealogical Report on Max Z. Konig [King] and the Morris Family of San Francisco - In June 2008 I retained the services of Ted Gostin to help me find out what he could about Max Z. Konig [King], owner of the Los Alamos General Store (Emporium) in the early 1900's, and the arrival of the Morris family from Prussia in the 1860's.

This is Ted's preliminary report, dated 5 Sept 2008, with attachments. It is a searchable Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file, 9.32 MB in size. Ted's website is at www.generationspress.com/research.html

Owner of originalTed Gostin
Date5 Sept 2008
File nameTed-Gostin-Rpt-Sept-08.pdf
File Size9.32m
Linked toGeraldine Rose King; Helen Lucile King; Max Zan Konig; Moses Morris; Rachel Morris

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