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Monroe L. Morris

Male 1914 - 1978  (64 years)


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Rose Osterman Monroe L. Morris Irving Morris Hazel Osterman Benjamin E Van Straaten

Four Generations of San Franciscans

The two children are the twins, Monroe Morris and Irving Morris Jr. They are on their mother's lap, Rose Osterman Morris. Rose's twin sister Hazel is on the left of the photograph, her mother is behind her, and front left is Rose's father. The photograph is dated Mar 1917.

Owner/SourceDiane Milber
DateMarch 1917
File nameFour_Generations-web.jpg
File Size261.85k
Dimensions700 x 571
Linked toIrving Morris, Jr.; Monroe L. Morris; Hazel Osterman; Rose Osterman; Benjamin Emanuel Van Straaten

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