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"An Era of Change: Oral Histories of Civilians in World War II Hawaii" -- Paul Tognetti

"Paul Tognetti was born in California in 1920. He is the second youngest of five children born to his Swiss immigrant parents and was raised on the family dairy farm in Salinas Valley. He graduated from high school in 1939, then attended San Jose State University on a basketball scholarship. As part of the school's football team, he came to Hawai'i to play a police benefit game and a game against the University of Hawai'i, which was scheduled for December 13, 1941.

"When the war started, Tognetti stayed in Hawai'i and joined the police force. In July 1944, he was drafted into the army and served for two years. After his release from the service, be married and worked for Hawaiian Pineapple Company.

"In 1948 he returned to his hometown to work for Ralston Purina, but in 1950, he decided to come back to Hawai'i, where he continued to work in the feed and grain business. He is the father of twin daughters."

This is a slightly edited transcription of an interview conducted by the Center for Oral History, University of Hawai'i at Manoa. The reader should be aware that an oral history document portrays information as recalled by the interviewee. Because of the spontaneous nature of this kind of document, it may contain statements and impressions that are not factual."

Owner of originalCenter for Oral History, Social Science Research Institute, University of Hawaii at Manoa
DateApr 1994
File namePaul Tognetti - Oral History.pdf
File Size1.62m
Linked toPaul Emil Tognetti

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