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Sampson County, North Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Autry, Matthew  ABT. 1791Sampson County, North Carolina I1041
2 Bass, Alcey Eliza  27 Feb 1824Sampson County, North Carolina I1129
3 Butler, Barbara Ann  9 Dec 1809Sampson County, North Carolina I1199
4 Butler, Eliza J.  7 May 1839Sampson County, North Carolina I1204
5 Cooper, Eliza  Sampson County, North Carolina I1108
6 Corbett, Daisy Irene  09 Dec 1919Sampson County, North Carolina I513984141
7 Corbett, Oscar Middleton  06 Jul 1924Sampson County, North Carolina I513984142
8 Corbett, Walter James  10 Nov 1880Sampson County, North Carolina I513984137
9 Corbett, William Wright  05 Jun 1915Sampson County, North Carolina I513984139
10 Crumpler, Alexander  9 Jun 1827Sampson County, North Carolina I1117
11 Crumpler, Amma C.  6 May 1851Sampson County, North Carolina I1210
12 Crumpler, Archibald  26 Dec 1831Sampson County, North Carolina I1128
13 Crumpler, Benejah  Sampson County, North Carolina I1200
14 Crumpler, Blackman  Sampson County, North Carolina I1122
15 Crumpler, David  ABT. 1853Sampson County, North Carolina I1215
16 Crumpler, Ezekial A.  Sampson County, North Carolina I1201
17 Crumpler, Gaston  31 Aug 1851Sampson County, North Carolina I513984106
18 Crumpler, George Washington  30 Mar 1823Sampson County, North Carolina I1109
19 Crumpler, John S.  Jan 1818Sampson County, North Carolina I1124
20 Crumpler, Louisa A.  Sampson County, North Carolina I1115
21 Crumpler, Lucy Ann  Sampson County, North Carolina I1190
22 Crumpler, Marshall B. (Woodard)  13 Aug 1837Sampson County, North Carolina I1203
23 Crumpler, Mary A  Sampson County, North Carolina I1169
24 Crumpler, Micajah B.  1 Nov 1809Sampson County, North Carolina I1198
25 Crumpler, Micajah Thomas  11 Nov 1855Sampson County, North Carolina I1216
26 Crumpler, Nancy  10 Jan 1816Sampson County, North Carolina I1127
27 Crumpler, Owen  Sampson County, North Carolina I1126
28 Crumpler, Robert Kendall  01 Nov 1886Sampson County, North Carolina I513984118
29 Crumpler, Robert Matthew  19 Feb 1841Sampson County, North Carolina I1205
30 Crumpler, Thomas  Sampson County, North Carolina I1125
31 Crumpler, Thomas  Sampson County, North Carolina I1143
32 Crumpler, Virginia A.  Sampson County, North Carolina I1116
33 Crumpler, William Everette (Toug)  4 Apr 1845Sampson County, North Carolina I1206
34 Crumpler, Zachariah  ABT. 1856Sampson County, North Carolina I1218
35 Herring, Julia Catherine  Sampson County, North Carolina I1207
36 Hudson, Flora Allen  08 Nov 1896Sampson County, North Carolina I513984138
37 Owens, Sarah Catherine  5 Jun 1836Sampson County, North Carolina I1119
38 Tatum, Mattie Loudella  26 May 1862Sampson County, North Carolina I1211
39 Underwood, Sarah Elizabeth  Sampson County, North Carolina I1208


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bass, Alcey Eliza  12 Apr 1900Sampson County, North Carolina I1129
2 Butler, Eliza J.  1 Mar 1931Sampson County, North Carolina I1204
3 Crumpler, Amma C.  7 Aug 1917Sampson County, North Carolina I1210
4 Crumpler, George Washington  21 Apr 1895Sampson County, North Carolina I1109
5 Crumpler, John(II)  12 May 1803Sampson County, North Carolina I0998
6 Crumpler, Margaret Ann  19 May 1916Sampson County, North Carolina I1176
7 Crumpler, Micajah  AFT. 1836Sampson County, North Carolina I1034
8 Crumpler, Nancy  18 Dec 1895Sampson County, North Carolina I1127
9 Crumpler, Owen  1 Jul 1884Sampson County, North Carolina I1126
10 Crumpler, Robert Matthew  10 Feb 1918Sampson County, North Carolina I1205
11 Leslie, Rhoda  16 Jan 1922Sampson County, North Carolina I513984105
12 Tatum, Mattie Loudella  20 Feb 1914Sampson County, North Carolina I1211
13 Underwood, Sarah Elizabeth  4 Apr 1879Sampson County, North Carolina I1208


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Crumpler / Butler  Sampson County, North Carolina F499