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Fannie Wyser
By Cathy Key
Nov 28, 2004 - 6:10:00 PM

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Fannie Wyser and my mother Barbara F. Richardson
 who was born in March 1924 so that's the year the photo was most likely taken.

Everyone called Fannie by Faye.  Fannie was born in Sydney, Australia on 29 September 1884.  She married Jack N. Jurgensen. I haven't been able to find the date but I think it was in Hawaii. She had no children but she raised a great nephew and niece. She died 28 March 1971 in Oakland, Alameda Co, California. She was very loving, and always went out of her way to be there for everyone in the family.

Cathy Key

Fannie Wyser, 1940's

Birth Certificate for Fanny (Faye) Wyser

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