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By Kurt F. Laube
Nov 28, 2004 - 6:31:00 PM

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Short history of the Herzog family from Schönenwerd/SO

The spelling of the name Herzog varied in the course of time.  Originally it was written Herzig, then Hertzig, Hertzog and finally Herzog.  The provenance of the Herzog family is not the canton Solothurn, however, the name is widespread in Switzerland, so in the cantons Aargau, Basel, Bern, Freiburg, Luzern, Neuenburg, Schwyz, Thurgau, Waadt and Zürich. The above mentioned family came to the canton Solothurn from the canton Aargau, probably from the town Aarau. When this happened would have to be investigated. The first documented Herzog in the canton Solothurn is Ursus Herzog, whose date of birth, place of birth and parents are unknown.

1st  generation: URSUS HERZOG (ab,1640-1703)

This Ursus Herzog lived in Schönenwerd/SO and married Catharina Keller, of unknown Gretzenbach on February 24, 1684. The couple had three children:

  1. Josephus -- baptized November 27, 1687
  2. Anna Maria -- baptized August 7, 1690
  3. Catharina -- baptized July 11, 1695

All children were born in Schönenwerd and baptized in the church of Gretzenbach.

Catharina Keller, the wife of Ursus Herzog, died in Schönenwerd on July 13, 1695.  Probably in the same year Ursus Herzog married Barbara Eng. This couple had three more children:

  1. Franciscus Josephus -- baptized July 31, 1696
  2. Anna Helena -- baptized August 14, 1698
  3. Ursus -- baptized October 1, 1701

These children were also born in Schönenwerd and baptized in the church of Gretzenbach. There are no further details known about the first five children.

Ursus Herzog (the sixth child) became sacristan in Schönenwerd, married Anna Maria Lienhardt from Lostorf/SO on May 24, 1728 in Stüsslingen (see 2nd generation).

Ursus Herzog died in Schönenwerd March 27, 1703. There are no details mentioned in the records of the State archives in Solothurn about Ursus Herzog and his wife, Barbara Eng.

2nd generation: URSUS HERZOG (1701-between 1744 and 1766)
(sacristan in the monastery church of Schönenwerd)

Christkatholischen Kirchgemeinde Schönenwerd
Ursus Herzog, son of Ursus Herzog and Barbara Eng, was born in Schönenwerd and baptized October 1, 1701 in the church of Gretzenbach.  He grew up in Schönenwerd and married in Stüsslingen May 24, 1728 the widow Anna Maria Lienhardt from Lostorf/SO.  She was the daughter of Hans Lienhardt and Anna Maria Guldimann, born and baptized in Lostorf October 22, 1701. Her first husband was Hans von Arx. Ursus Herzog and Anna Maria Lienhardt had seven children:

  1. Helena -- baptized May 10, 1729
  2. Ursus Fridericus -- baptized February 2, 1731 (godfather: Friedrich von Sury)
  3. Petrus Josephus -- baptized November 18, 1733 (godfather: Petrus von Vivis)
  4. Anna Maria Victoria -- baptized June 1, 1735
  5. Urs Victor -- baptized --?--
  6. Urs Peter -- baptized --?--
  7. Anna Maria -- baptized December 3, 1736

All children were born in Schönenwerd and baptized in the church of Gretzenbach.

The children:

Helena -- married in Gretzenbach January 26, 1754 Josephus Grolimund.

Ursus Fridericus -- his godfather was Fridericus von Sury.

Petrus Josephus -- his godfather was Petrus von Vivis. He became sacristan of the monastery church in Schönenwerd and married Elisabeth Hueber in Gretzenbach January 5, 1761. Petrus Josephus Herzog died October 24, 1780, see 3rd generation.

Urs Peter -- married  Barbara Schenker in Gretzenbach September 29, 1762. Ursus Herzog became sacristan of the monastery church in Schönenwerd. His wife, Anna Maria Lienhardt, brought a dowry of 1,412 pounds into matrimony. Ursus Herzog owned a house in Schönenwerd with an orchard and some land.  Besides his job as sacristan he also had a small farm.  According to the inventory of Ursus Herzog his property was estimated to about 802 pounds. (Note 1: Inventare und Teilungen Gösgen 1742-1747, vol. 7, Nr.29)  Anna Maria Lienhardt, the wife of Ursus Herzog, died before 1744.  According to the inventory dated February 27, 1744, (Note 2: Inventare und Teilungen Gösgen, 1742-1747, vol. 7,  Nr. 46) the heirs were the two children from her first marriage, Hans and Cathrin von Arx, from the second marriage Fredericus, Peter, Urs Victor and Urs Peter Herzog (the sons) and Helena and Maria Herzog, the daughters.

Ursus Herzog died between 1744 and 1766 (gap in the deaths register).

3rd generation: PETRUS JOSEPHUS HERZOG (1733-1780)  from Schönenwerd

(sacristan of the monastery church in Schönenwerd)

Christkatholischen Kirchgemeinde Schönenwerd
Petrus Josephus Herzog, son of Ursus Herzog and Anna Maria Lienhardt, was born in Schönenwerd and baptized in the church of Gretzenbach November 18, 1733.  He married Elisabeth Hueber on January 5, 1761 in Gretzenbach. She was the daughter of Josephus Hueber and Anna Grütter, born in Schönenwerd July 21, 1736. Elisabeth Hueber gave birth to two children:

  1. Urs Petrus -- baptized September 29, 1761
  2. Anna Maria -- baptized October 13, 1766

Elisabeth Hueber, the wife of Petrus Josephus Herzog, died young, at the age of 32 years, March 18, 1768, in Schönenwerd.  The same year Petrus Josephus Herzog married Catharina Blauenstein, daughter of Joannes Blauenstein and Catharina von Arx, born in Schönenwerd November 15, 1732. The couple had another ten children:

  1. Ursus Victor -- baptized March 30, 1769
  2. Maria Cleopatra Elisabeth -- baptized April 8, 1770
  3. Ursus Victor Leodegarius -- baptized June 17, 1771
  4. Ursus Victor -- baptized June 28, 1772
  5. Maria Anna -- baptized October 27, 1773
  6. Franciscus Josephus Leodegarius -- baptized October 7, 1775
  7. Maria Theresia Margaritha -- baptized January 6, 1777
  8. Maria Theresia -- baptized June 12, 1778
  9. Ursus Meinradus -- baptized January 27, 1780
  10. Peter Joseph -- baptized June 9, 1781

All children were born in Schönenwerd and baptized in the church of Gretzenbach.

The children:

Urs Petrus -- became a tradesman.  His first wife was Maria Anna Balli, the second one Theresia Disteli.  Urs Petrus Herzog died August 11, 1834 in Schöenwerd, see 4th generation.

Anna Maria -- married Hans Joggi Schibler.  She died August 29, 1826.

Ursus Victor -- died in childhood

Ursus Victor Leo -- died in childhood

Franciscus J. Leo -- died in childhood

Maria T. Margaritha -- died in childhood

Maria Theresia -- died in childhood

Peter Joseph -- died in childhood

About the children Elisabeth, Ursus Victor, Maria Anna and Meinradus, no details are mentioned in the records: they are, however, mentioned as heirs in the inventory of their father, Petrus Josephus Herzog, dated January 18, 1781. (Note 3: Inventare und Teilungen Olten, 1781-1782, vol. 20, Nr. 4) Petrus Josephus Herzog became, like his father, sacristan of the monastery church in Schönenwerd. He owned a house in Schönenwerd and some land.  He died October 24, 1780, at the age of 47 years. Most of the children were then still under age.

The division of the property took place October 23, 1789. (Note 4: Inventare und Teilungen Schönenwerd 1783-1790, vol. 23, Nr. 25)  Heirs were the two children of his first marriage and four children of his second marriage. The widow, Catharina Blauenstein, married again, July 1, 1783 in Gretzenbach, Felix von Arx.

Christkatholischen Kirchgemeinde Schönenwerd

4th generation: URS PETRUS HERZOG from Schönenwerd (1761-1834)

(tradesman and assessor of the law-court in Schönenwerd)

Urs Petrus Herzog, son of Petrus Josephus Herzog and Elisabeth Hueber, was born in Schönenwerd and baptized in Gretzenbach September 29, 1761.  He grew up with his brothers and sisters in his father's house in Schönenwerd.  He married May 17, 1784 in Gretzenbach Maria Anna Balli, daughter of Franz Balli and Elisabeth Schenker. She was born in Wöschnau/SO and baptized March 2, 1764 in Gretzenbach.  The couple had nine children:

  1. Anna Maria -- baptized November 12, 1788
  2. Maria Anna -- baptized February 7, 1791
  3. Josephus Petrus -- baptized September 5, 1792
  4. Johannes -- baptized October 8, 1794
  5. Franciscus Josephus -- baptized April 26, 1797
  6. Katharina -- baptized May 17, 1801
  7. Ursus Petrus -- baptized January 6, 1804
  8. Maria Theresia -- baptized August 11, 1805
  9. Ursus Petrus -- baptized October 29, 1806

All children were born in Schönenwerd and baptized in the church of Gretzenbach.

The children:

Anna Maria  -- died, single, March 18, 1808.

Maria Anna  -- married Peter Belli, tradesman. She died April 7, 1851.

Josephus Petrus -- married Anna Margaritha Müsset. Josephus Petrus died young, May 29, 1824. The couple had no children.

Johannes -- became tradesman and governor of Schönenwerd. He married Veronika Charlotte Hunziger. The couple had three children. Johannes Herzog died June 4, 1832.

Franciscus Josephus -- no details mentioned in the records.

Katharina -- married May 14, 1832 in Solothurn Colonel Alois Wiser. Katharina Herzog died November 16, 1886 in Solothurn, see 4th generation Alois Wiser.

Ursus Petrus -- died in childhood.

Maria Theresia -- married Johann Meyer, high Bailiff and head clerk in Olten.

Ursus Petrus -- died at the age of 5 months, March 7, 1807.

Urs Petrus Herzog was an able tradesman. He had inherited from his parents only some land, worth Fr. 900.-. During his marriage he bought a dwelling house, Nr. 61, in Schönenwerd, with a courtyard, garden and some land. The wife of Urs Petrus, Maria Anna Balli, died after the birth of the youngest son, Urs Petrus, November 14, 1806.  As the children were still under age, Urs Petrus Herzog married again, Theresia Disteli from Olten/SO. She was the daughter of Franciscus Joseph Disteli and Maria Catharina Frey, born in Olten July 6, 1778. The marriage took place in Gretzenbach September 19, 1807. The couple remained childless.

In the year 1830 Ursus Petrus Herzog decided to distribute his property among his children. (Note 5: Inventare und Teilungen Schönenwerd 1822-1831 vol. 2 Nr. 57 division during lifetime, dated May 6, 1830)

The heirs:  Johann and Franz Herzog, the sons and Maria Anna, Katharina and Theresia Herzog, the daughters. The property was estimated to Fr. 70,724.

Ursus Petrus Herzog died August 11, 1834 in Schönenwerd.  Theresia Disteli, his second wife, died August 25, 1868. Both were buried in Gretzenbach.


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Archives records used at the State Archives Solothurn:

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Gretzenbach with Schönenwerd and Wöschnau (baptism, marriages, deaths)  1607-1835

Lostorf    1628-1835

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RM (Ratsmanual)  17th to 19th century

© Copyright 1998-2007 by Craig W Walsh

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