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251 Born at 11 Marine Parade, Southampton Keates, Elsie Ada (I513983879)
252 Born at 14 Thorn Street, Manchester. Wilkinson, William Booth (I2435)
253 Born at 23 Thorn Street, Manchester. Wilkinson, Lydia (I2436)
254 Born at 30 Cheltenham Street, Barrow-in-Furness. Bushby, Wilfred (I513983998)
255 Born at 3:30 AM, 39 Hospital Street, Glasgow Winkler, Mariam (I513973542)
256 Born on Birtley Street, now Livingstone Road, Marrickville, NSW. Bushby, Violet Alice May (I513984024)
257 Born Rasmus Nielsen, eldest of seven. Came to America in 1888 at the age of 20. Americanized his name to Robert Nelson. Nelson, Robert (I018)
258 Bridget CRUMPLER
Sex: F

Birth: Abt. 1730
Of Sturminster, Marshall, Dorset, England

Spouse: Matthew JAMES

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Family F322
259 Burial in plot 57, space 34. Crumpler, Charles James (I513983877)
260 Burial of John Crumplers second wife Elizabeth stated:

Elizabeth wife of John Crumpleire

source: Correspondence with Kevin Crumpler 
Elizabeth Crumpliere Crumpler (I1296)
261 Burial record in Holy Trinity PR, Wareham, Dorset, England was described as an infant death

source: Correspondence with Kevin Crumpler, www.crumpler.org 
Crumpler, Thomas (I1539)
262 Buried with her son Ernest and next to her niece Clara Bushby (died aged 2 in 1883) Aitken, Maria Buchanan (I513983604)
263 Bushby, John, Great Strickland, p[arish] Moreland, W[estmorland], yeo[man]

Browne, Mary, Melkinthorp, p[arish] Lowther, W[estmorland], sp[inste]r

[witness] Bland, Joseph, Little Strickland, yeo[man]
[ceremony to take place at] (Moreland, Lowther or Newbiggin)

[The IGI would suggest that ceremony took place on 4th March 1738 at Newbiggin - however the IGI seems to suggest that there is a mention the same date in the Hawkshead parish register, perhaps a calling of Banns?]
Family F513882004
264 California Death Index shows date of birth as 1 Jan 1875. Zusman, Rebecca (I513973533)
265 California Death Index shows date of birth as 11 Feb 1911, but actual birth certificate shows date of birth as 11 Feb 1905. I have retained date of birth from actual birth certificate. Winkler, Mariam (I513973542)
266 California Marriage Index 1960-1985 (Ancestry.com. California Marriage Index, 1960-1985 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2007. Original data: State of California. California Marriage Index, 1960-1985. Microfiche. Center for Health Statistics, California Department of Health Services, Sacramento, California.), This database contains a statewide index to over 4.8 million marriages that were performed in California between 1960 and 1985. Information that may be found in this database includes the bride's and groom's names, their ages, the marriage county, and the marriage date. Source (X000000000090916)
267 Captain William CRUMPLER I

was born about 1680. He died between Oct 1750 and 1775 in Southampton County, VA.(19) He signed a will on 29 Oct 1750 in Southampton County, VA. "I give unto my son John Crumpler the plantation I live on ___ said land containing one hundred acres, more or less ___ also 65 acres being part of a survey of 130 acres divided by a line of marked trees." (John must have been the youngest son to have received the home place. Son William must have been the older and was married, received his main inheritance at time of marriage.) To son William he wills, "the remaining portion of those two tracts for grandson William." He also left to William's daughter, Sila, a feather bed, furniture, two pewter dishes, to pewter basins, and two plates. He had an estate probated on 14 Feb 1775 in Southampton County, VA. William Crumpler, Sr. born Abt. 1680, Virginia, married 23-Jun-1724, in Isle of Wright County, Virginia, Elizabeth Raiford, (daughter of Philip Wreyford and Fortune ?). William died Oct-1750, Southampton County, Va. William Crumpler is first mentioned in Isle of Wright County, Virginia, when he bought 100 acres of land on Blackwater Swamp from William Carver on June 8, 1692. He bought 45 acres more from William Carver in 1697/98. On September 11, 1700, he and his wife, Elizabeth, sold 50 acres of land he owned on Blackwater Swamp. In October od 1700, he again bought 350 acres of land from William Carver, and on March 29, 1703, he bought 200 acres of land from George Williamson. On June 16, 1714, William Crumpler received 270 acres on the south side of Blackwater Swamp for importing six persons into this country, which included himself. He continued to buy land on Blackwater Swamp with the purchase of 130 acres on July 12, 1718. On July 23, 1724, Philip Raiford made his will and named "my loving brother-in-law William Kinchen and my loving brother-in-law William Crumpler, Trustees." William Russell Raiford in his "The History of the Raiford Family" stated: "We know from other records of Isle of Wright County that William Kinchen married Elizabeth Ruffin, daughter of Robert Ruffin of Surry County. According to Chapman's Isle of Wright Marriages, William Kinchen also married Elizabeth Joyner, daughter of Thomas Joyner, whose will, dated August 13, 1734, was probated July 28, 1735. We may conclude with plausible probility that Philip Raiford had a sister, Elizabeth (who married William Crumpler), and that the wife of Philip Raiford, whose name was Sarah, was a sister of William Kinchen." William's wife, Elizabeth was the daughter of Philip and Fortune Wreyford, and the grand-daughter of Elias Wreyford. An Elizabeth Wreyford was baptized February 8, 1647 at Crediton Church in Devon, England, which is located only five miles north of Exeter. This seems a little old for our Elizabeth, but could still possibly be her. William is listed as a vestryman of Benn's Church in Smithfield, Virginia. He made his will in Southampton County, Virginia on October 24, 1750, and it was recorded February 14, 1751. Evidently Elizabeth was already dead as she wasn't mentioned. Children were:

i. William CRUMPLER II was born about 1700 in Isle of Wight County, VA. He signed a will on 7 Aug 1761 in Southampton County, VA. Will Book I

Mentions bequests to "my son Bessant, Elizabeth, Dorothy Brock, Benjamin, ___ all the remainder of my Estate I give to my loving wife Elizabeth Crumpler during her life and after death equally divided between son John and my six daughters, Sarah, Eliza Woodland, Lucy Crumpler, Cherry Crumpler and Mary Crumpler. Wife Elizabeth and son Bessant sole Executors. Will probated in Southhampton County. Son John was to supervise property of his young sisters. Because the girls names in this will have been carried on in Sampson County, I believe this William to be father of John who came to NC prior to 1747." William Stacy Crumpler He died before 11 Nov 1771 in Southampton County, VA. (20) He had an estate probated on 11 Nov 1771 in Southampton County, VA.
"Crumpler" is an occupational name for the Old English cromphet - a flat, thin cake which was often fried on a griddle. In Medieval England, the Cromplers or Crumplers made and sold these "crompied cakes." They were favorite items at county fairs, market days and festivals, similar to our doughnuts today. Tea and crumpets are the favorite afternoon snack in England and Scotland even today.
64 ii. John CRUMPLER Sr..

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Crumpler, William (I0962)
268 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F513881740
269 Catherine Anne Burns was often called Cassie. Nobody had ever asked and nobody was ever told her real name but because her daughter was named Kathleen everyone assumed her real name was Kathleen Ann and not Catherine Ann Burns.

Her pets were Betsey - a sheep; Laddy - a dog;

Catherine suffered deeply with rhumatoid arthritis and was crippled severely with it all over her body. Her favourite tune that she use to sing to herself when I was around here was - "Tootses in the Raydoz". This is said the way it is read.

Nursing Home Wassa Wass in Healy Rd Hamilton Hill. She was kicked out of there for making to much of a racket all the time.

On her death her name was given as Kathleen Ann.

source: Kathleen Dawn Wickens (nee Oliver) Cassie's only daughter.

Inward passenger list "Otranto" arrived Fremantle 9 Feb 1926
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24 Feb 2003
Burns, Catherine (Cassie) Anne (I1457)
270 Cause of death: Cancer. Died at the Lane Hospital in San Francisco, California, attended by Dr L C Lane (Levi C Lane). Wiser, Bruno Albert (I21)
271 Cause of death: cholerine (a mild form of diarrhoea occurring during epidemics of cholera)  Wiser, Bertha Fanny (I602070995)
272 Cause of death: consumption. Age 34 at time of death. Parker, George (I513973377)
273 Certificate of Death shows names as William W. Wilson Wiser, Otto (I180)
274 Charles McPhee died as Charles William Dewar in France in 1916, 7 days after arriving in France. DEWAR, Charles McPhee (I000000601984656)
275 Christened on the same day her father was buried. Binning, Jane (I513983621)
276 Commemorative Info: Memorial: Chatham Naval Memorial, Kent, United Kingsom Grave Ref/Panel Number: 23 Location the Memorial overlooks the town of Chatham and is approached by a steep path from the Town Hall Gardens. A Survivor of HMS "Cressy" - Killed in Action Arthur was a leading stoker SS/112057 HMS "Cornwallis', Royal Navy

source; Kevin Crumpler - www.crumpler.org
Crumpler, Arthur Stephen (I1658)
277 Cremated and interred with his parents. Mickelsen, Franklyn Ray (I008)
278 Cremated. King, Geraldine Rose (I702)
279 Daniel Crumpler died early in life but PR shows name "DAVID". Given that there is a later son of John and Betty also called Daniel suspect that Daniel died before 1801. Burial Record could correspond but in the name of David.

source: Correspondence with Kevin Crumpler: www.crumpler.org 
Crumpler, Daniel (I1544)
280 Date of birth and death confirmed by Charmaine Ganter, Daphne Sing's grand-daughter, by e-mail dated 7 Jul 2010. Sing, Daphne (I000000601984727)
281 Date of birth and death confirmed by Charmaine Ganter, her daughter, by e-mail dated 7 Jul 2010. Dewar, Maureen (I000000601984729)
282 Date of birth calculated from date of death and age at death. Brown, William (I513984341)
283 Date of birth confirmed by Charmaine Ganter, his grand-daughter, by e-mail dated 7 July 2010. Dewar, Eric Stanley (I000000601984647)
284 Date of birth confirmed from passenger manifest for S.S. Cefalu, saililng from Cristobal, Panama to New Orleans 16 Aug 1939 (via the Panama Canal). Van Straaten, Reta (I513973568)
285 Date of birth from 1813 newspaper article. Ray, Russell (I513983368)
286 Date of birth provided by Josie Daniels, daughter of Louisa Gertrude Frost. Frost, Louisa Gertrude (I513973351)
287 Date of birth provided by Susan Milroy 23 Oct 2008. Frost, John (I513973347)
288 Date of birth provided in e-mail from Audrey Teasdale, daughter, on 8 Feb 2011. Teasdale, Isaac (I513984299)
289 Date of birth shown as 1943, but I am unable to find in the Free BMD index. Furthermore, his mother would have been 48 years old. Crumpler, Trevor (I1717)
290 Date of death confirmed by e-mail from Charmaine Ganter, his daughter, dated 7 Jul 2010. de Felippi, Ben (I000000601984839)
291 Date of death could be November 23, 1830. Bunnell, Sarah (I225)
292 Date of death from gravestone. Crumpler, Brenda Augusta Spicer (I513974560)
293 Date of death from monument at Valley Cemetery, Manchester, New Hampshire Wason, Hannah Caldwell (I513983385)
294 Date of death from monument at Valley Cemetery, Manchester, New Hampshire Wason, Hannah Caldwell (I513983385)
295 Date of death per Una Hill Greene. McGarry, Winifred (I13)
296 Date of death shown on gravestone. Crumpler, Jesse (I0894)
297 Date of death shown on gravestone. Spicer, Clara (I0895)
298 Date of death shown on her gravestone is 1916. Dumka, Sarah (I513973278)
299 Date shown as 6 Mar 1768 on the Dorset Online Parish Clerk website - http://www.opcdorset.com/TurnersPiddleFiles/TurnersPuddleBaps.htm Boyt, Joseph (I513984119)
300 Daughter's name obtained from Thomas Crumpler's will. Crumpler, Luce (I0836)

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