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151 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Booth, Doris (I1895)
Wickens, Albert John Lucas (I1467)
153 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Booth, Edna Eileen (I1892)
George Irwin BOOTH
Born 1905 in Mingenew, Western Australia [15]
Daughter of George BOOTH and Rose Emma BRIDGES [15]
Settled in Carnamah in 1914 with his parents [BB]
Student at the Carnamah State School [7: page 147] [BB]
Member of the Carnamah Sunday School in 1914 [7: page 238]
Labourer in Carnamah 1925-1930 [19]
Member of the Carnamah Football Club [BB]
By 1935 a Police Constable, was resident in Busselton WA and was married with one daughter [3: image 03574]
Along with his wife and daughter spent a vacation with his parents in Carnamah in 1935 and 1936 [3: images 03230 & 03574]

Crake, Ivy Victoria May (I1913)
155  Source (S1990)
156 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Booth, Ivy Beatrice (I1890)
157 "Buried in woollen" refers to the Burial in Woollen Acts of 1667 & 1678. These Acts were attempts to protect the English Wool Trade, and required that all bodies should be buried in wool with the exception of those who died from the plague. A £5.00 fine was imposed for burials which did not comply with the Acts. If a family were poor and could not afford a woollen shroud, the entry in the register may have the word 'naked' written in it. The law stayed in force until 1814 but was usually ignored after 1770. Crumpler, Daniel (I0756)
158 "The limited district in which this outbreak of cholera occurred, contains a great variety in the quality of the streets and houses; Poland Street and Great Pulteney Street consisting in a great measure of private houses occupied by one family, whilst Husband Street and Peter Street are occupied chiefly by the poor Irish. The remaining streets are intermediate in point of respectability. The mortality appears to have fallen pretty equally amongst all classes, in proportion to their members...." From John Snow's monograph "On the Mode of Communication of Cholera," Second Edition, 1854 (Snow on Cholera. Haffner, New York, 1965). See http://www.uic.edu/sph/prepare/courses/ph101/resources/snowcase1.htm Sadler, Richard (I513973401)
159 (6) John CRUMPLER - 729
Birth Date: 1771
Birth Place: Affpuddle
Christen Date: 14 Apr 1771
Christen Place: Affpuddle
Residences: Affpuddle

Affpuddle PR: Banns read in September 1795 referencing Betty HAYES as from Toners Piddle

Affpuddle PR - details of christening

SDFHS marriage index for marriage at Turners Puddle with witnesses:
John COX
Betty signed with an 'X'

Spouse: Betty HAYES - 730
Birth Date: About 1770
Residences: Turners Puddle

Spouse Notes:
Affpuddle PR: Banns read in September 1795 referencing Betty HAYES as from Toners Piddle

Spouse Sources:
SDFHS marriage index for marriage at Turners Puddle with witnesses:
John COX
Betty signed with an 'X'

Children: Daniel - 731
Betty - 732 
Crumpler, John (I1489)
160 Hahn, Anna Magdalene (I602072076)
161 Leth, Catharina Sidone (I602072763)
162 1720 - COULD BE THIS NICHOLAS CRUMPLER......................



FILE - Nicholas Crumpler, gardener to His Majesty's Royal Hospital at Chelsea v. Legatty and Holder for stealing fruit & veg. etc. [no ref. or date]
Crumpler, Nicholas (I0753)
163 1851 Census

Mary Crumpher abt 1784 Briants Niddle, Dorset, England Workman Winfrith Newburgh Dorset
View Record Jane Talbot abt 1847 Burton, Dorset, England Daughter Winfrith Newburgh Dorset
View Record John Talbot abt 1792 Burton, Dorset, England Head Winfrith Newburgh Dorset
View Record Maria Talbot abt 1820 Burton, Dorset, England Wife Winfrith Newburgh Dorset
View Record Mary Laura Talbot abt 1845 Burton, Dorset, England Daughter Winfrith Newburgh Dorset 
Roberts, Mary (I1785)
164 1851 Census
Howe, John (I2281)
165 1851 Census states name as KE. This infact could be Kezia as her aunties name was Kezia.
Howe, Ke (I2283)
166 1871 census shows birth in Parkhouse, Cumberland. Bushby, Janat (I513984374)
167 1881 Census for Dorset

Henry STICKLAND Head M Male 86 Steeple, Dorset, England Parish Clerk (Ch Off)
Mary STICKLAND Wife M Female 84 Turnerspuddle, Dorset, England
Kezia STICKLAND Daur U Female 44 Steeple, Dorset, England Farm Servant
Stickland, Henry (I1487)
168 1881 Census Keziah is stated as being single Stickland, Keziah (I1798)
169 1900 Census: Living aboard S.S. Claudine, docked in Kailua/Kona. He was First Engineer. The only other person on board at the time of the census was the engineer, William Lycett born 1875 from Australia. Both James and William Lycett spoke English and Hawaiian. James was born in April, 1869 in England and immigrated to Hawaii in 1888 when he was 19. He was a naturalized citizen. His parents were both born in England. He was married (and it looks like someone noted that he had one child, and then tried to erase or smudge the "1"). At the time of the census he was 31 years old. Census ED5, page 154.

Per Allen W. Hoof, Archivist, State of Hawaii (e-mail dated July 2, 2003): SS Claudine was built on the Clyde in 1890 and steamed from Glasgow to Hawaii in the same year. She was registered in Hawaii (number 291 (new)) and ownership was transferred to the Wilder Steamship Company. She carried the Hawaiian annexation delegation to San Francisco following the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy in 1893; grounded on a reef outside Honolulu Harbor in 1907; and was scrapped in 1928.

We made a phone call and determined that Wilder Steamship Company went out of business in 1905. Since SS Claudine remained in service after that, it is apparent that ownership was transferred to another company, but we have no records of such transactions after 1900. Perhaps that information would be in Lloyd's Register.

July 8, 2003: Lloyd's Register confirmed that the S.S. Claudine was a steel screw schooner rigged steamer built by Napier, Shanks & Bell in Glasgow in 1890. It had triple expansion engines with three cylinders, built by Dunsmuir & Jackson, Glasgow. Tonnages and dimensions first recorded: 785 gross tons, 431 net tons, 623 underdeck, 184.0 feet length, 32.0 feet breadth, 15.9 feet depth. Official number 127431, call letters KPWG. 1906-07 transferred to Inter Island Steam Navigation Co., Ltd. 1929-30, listed as broken up.

Wilkinson, James William (I19)
170 1900 Federal Census indicates date of birth about 1865. Notes from Margery Morris Fox indicate date of birth 1863.  Van Straaten, Sarah (I513973561)
171 1901 Belfast Census shows William Wilson (age 52, shipwright) living with wife Sarah Jane (age 46, housekeeper) and children: Frank Wilson (age 26, carpenter at sea, single), Mary Ellen Wilson (age 24, machinist), Sarah (age 19, weaver), Alexander (age 11), James (age 6), and Thomas (age 5). Family F39
172 22 Imandra Circuit
Ph: 9414 6925 
Source (S04008)
173 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Morris, John William III (I000000602070805)
174 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F12
By Beau Parke

Samuel Crumpler paid the price for being so nice
and trusting with his bull;
He walked the field that blistering Summer's day
whilst checking acreage and gauging chores
unmindful of his young and powerful charge.
Then suddenly the animal took pace
and rushed and roared and snorted t'wards his face,
whilst Sam stepped back, yet still believed
the bull was easy to contain:
But on it went, momentum built
to such a speed and strength that Sam, alarmed,
tried frantic'ly to reach for branches of the nearby oak,
but failed to get the leverage he needed now
to avoid its frenzied, maddened surge;
He yelled in terrifying pain as he was pinned against
the trunk and gored relentlessly by this unreal, unreasoning
monster that he'd fed and nurtured from a calf;
The blood was spurting forth as sweat and slime and slaver
from the bull was intermixed with gore,
and bones were crushed till Samuel Crumpler's broken frame
was tossed into the air, now cruelly
scythed and crunched beyond all comprehension.

His sorrowing widow and nine sons and daughters
saw him laid to rest a few days later
in the Village Churchyard, knowing that local history
had been made at his expense for trusting that
young bull and lowering his guard.
Samuel Crumpler, wheelwright, carpenter and sometime farmer died,
aged fifty-five, in 1849; a kind and strong and gallant,
some say foolish, family man.  
Crumpler, Samuel (I0842)
176 About 1861, Thomas took over his fathers business as shoemaker. (Source: Kevin Crumpler) Tincleton Parish records show he was also the Parish Clerk.

Crumpler, Thomas (I1572)
177 According to 'Tradition': Nehemiah fled from Scotland to America due to religious prosecution. He was of the Famous Grahams of Montrose. The name has changed from Montrose to Montross, Monrose, Monross and Manross. In 1728 Bristol was called New Cambridge Manross, Nehemiah Sr. (I197)
178 According to Beat Hodler, "Alois Wyser spent several years abroad as a mercenary. This is not so extraordinary: many young Swiss chose that activity at that time. Later he reached a high position in the Solothurn government. He must have been an interesting personality. He wrote a humorous sketch ('Three Days'), describing his short, but shattering experience as a young school teacher in the village of Niedergösgen in the 1820's." Wiser, Alois (I30)
179 According to Beat Hodler:

A Cousin of Bruno Wyser: Catharina Wyser (1826-1901): During many years, she ran the post-office in Niedergösgen. She wasn’t married. She wrote a very varied diary which is today an excellent historical source. In this diary, you find a lot of information about weather, politics, religion, prices, popular medicine and so on. There is also a poem which she dedicated to her cousin Bruno, when he left Switzerland in 1860. In this poem she remembers the good times they had spent together and she expresses also a blessing:

Dem Bruno Wyser ins Stammbuch bei seiner Abreise nach Amerika 1860:
Wenn auf dem Blatt nach langer Zeit
dein Aug einst sinnend ruhen bleibt
dann mög vor deinem Blick erscheinen
das Haus, umgeben von den Bäumen;
In dessen Schatten du einst spieltest
Nach der Scheibe mit der Armbrust zieltest,
Und manche liebe Ferienzeit
So sorglos dich mit uns erfreut

Du willst nun in die Fremde gehen
Wir werden lange dich nicht mehr sehn.
Möge nun in deinem Leben,
Gott viel Glück und Heil dir geben
Und dein guter Engel mit dir gehn

Translated (by Ingeborg Gowans) into English:

For Bruno Wyser : at his departure to America in 1860:

When, after many years, you will return to this page
and recall old times
may you remember the house nestled among the shadegiving trees,
where you used to play, trying bow and arrow,
where you spent many a day, enjoying carefree hours with us..

Now you are off to foreign lands
And we shall not see you anymore
May God grant you good health and wellbeing in your life
May your Guardian Angel walk before you.

Wiser, Bruno Albert (I21)
180 According to Beat Hodler:

"I still don't know why Bruno actually travelled to Montevideo, but I guess that his emigration had something to do with the Bally enterprise. His family was related to the Bally family. Bally was at that time one of the very big European shoe producers. Around 1870, Bally tended to expand to South America, whith some difficulties at the beginning and quite a good success in the long run. In the 1870's Bruno Wyser returned to Niedergösgen, where he spent some years before emigrating again (as you know already). In 1873, Elisa Schönhals and Bruno Wyser had a child in Niedergösgen, whose godmother was Emilia Balli. (source: Kirchenbuch Niedergösgen). 
Wiser, Bruno Albert (I21)
181 According to daughter, Leslie died in Beckenham Hospital. Crumpler, Leslie Victor (I1699)
182 According to Gerard Lodge of Manchester Family History Research, the entry was in Latin. Parents are shown as Joseph Wilkinson and Ann (nee McGuire). Godparents James and Emily Moor.

Wilkinson, James William (I19)
183 According to headstone, died at age 78 on 22 Jan 1823 Ray, John (I025)
184 According to his death certificate he was "interred in his yard." Ray, Colonel John Jr. (I513983366)
185 According to obituary "Incineration Cypress Lawn Memorial Park" Salhinger, Robert (I513973473)
186 According to Stuart Ching, the Histographer at St. Andrew's Cathedral in Honolulu, Hawaii (e-mail dated 24 MAY 2008):

I am happy to report that I did find the entry in the St. Andrew's Cathedral register for the marriage of your great grandparents on June 2, 1895. Because the brittle pages of the Cathedral register would be at risk of crumbling, here is a typescript of the marriage entry:

1895 marriage solemnized in the Cathedral Church of S. Andrew.

No: 936 - When married: June 2, 1895

Name and Surname: James William Wilkinson
Age: 26
Condition: Bachelor
Rank or Profession: Machinist

Name and Surname: Lillie Wyser
Age: 21
Condition: Spinster

Residence at the Time of Marriage: Honolulu

Father's Name and Surname: Joseph Wilkinson
Rank or Profession of Father: organ builder
Father's Name and Surname: Bruno Wyser
Rank or Profession of Father: tanner

Married in the Cath. Church of St. Andrew according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Church of England by license or after___by me Alexr. Mackintosh

This marriage was solemnized between us, James William Wilkinson Lillie Wyser

In the presence of us,
Thomas Henderson
Mrs. Mary Burn
Family F10
187 According to the Crematory records from the Odd Fellows' Cemetery (sheet 62), Bruno Wyser died from cancer on 7 Dec 1895 at Lane Hospital, San Francisco. His attending physician was L. C. Lane, and there was no autopsy. Bruno Wyser was 54 years 9 months old. His remains were received by the crematory on 9 Dec 1895 and were "incinerated" at 3:00 PM. The witness to the incineration was James W. Mallady. The arrangements were handled by Union Undertaking Company, and the ashes were "delivered to Mrs. Wyser 29 April 1896." She signed a receipt as "Mrs. E. Wyser, 31 Minna Street."

We have received the cremation record from the California Genealogical Society, with special thanks to Nancy Peterson.  
Wiser, Bruno Albert (I21)
188 According to the Noble yearbook, Laurids was killed in a duel 14 march 1603 in Copenhagen Mule, Laurids (I602072385)
189 According to the Register of Deceased Seamen at the National Archives:

Particulars of Deceased:

Name and Surname: Wilson, Francis or Frank
Age: 38
Rank or Rating: Carpenter
Birthplace: Belfast
Last Place of Abode: Birkenhead

Particulars of Ship:

Name: Clan Chisholm
Official Number: 106,017
Port of Registry: Glasgow
Tonnage: 1,680

Particulars of Death:

Date: 30 August 1912
Place: East London
Cause: Drowned
Wilson, Francis William (I101)
190 According to Una Hill Greene, cause of death of her father was septicemia. Hill, William (I513983947)
191 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Mickelsen, Guy (I513973393)
192 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Parker, Charles Vernon Ford (I602070931)
193 AKA Meitje AKA Maria De Bok, Niesje Simons (I513973605)
194 Alan was employed as Flight Sergeant in R.A.A.F

Notes from War Grave:

In Memory of ALAN WESLEY GILES FRIPP. Flight Sergeant 427314 - Royal Australian Air Force, who died on Wednesday 19th July 1944 aged 30.

Son of William George Giles Fripp and Laura Fripp of North Perth, Western Australia.

CEMETERY: Choloy War Cemetery, Meurthe-et-Moselle, France. - Panel No. A.F.I.A. 3E. Coll. Grave 1-7.

LLOCATION: Choloy is a village 28 Kilometres west of Nancy and 5 Kilometres west of Toul, a town on the N4 road from Paris to Nancy. The Cemetery is 3 Kilometres west of Toul on the north side of the D11B road.

For more info on Cemetery visit the War Grave Commision website. 
Fripp, Alan Wesley Giles (I2319)
195 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. HOMEWOOD, Albert Geoffrey (I000000601984607)
196 All the stores in Cornwall were closed for the funeral. Stange, Sophia (I038)
197 Also called Max Z. King Konig, Max Zan (I8)
198 Also known as "James Bush" Bushby, James (I513983598)
199 Also known as Bruno Weyser and Bruno Wyser Wiser, Bruno Albert (I21)
200 Also known as Geraldine Allen King, Geraldine Rose (I702)

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