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By Kurt F. Laube
Nov 28, 2004 - 5:18:00 PM

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Colonel in the Swiss Army and Quartermaster General

Administrator of the Quartermaster Store of Solothurn

Alois Wiser, son of Joseph Wiser and Katharina Schenker, was born on July 18, 1797 in Niedergoesgen and was christened in the Catholic Church of Stuesslingen with the name Joseph, Alois, Maria.  As a farmer's son he decided upon a career in the Army.  On May 14, 1832 he married Katharina Herzog from Schoenenwerd/SO at the Catholic Cathedral in Solothurn.  Katharina was the daughter of Ursus Petrus Herzog and Anna Maria Balli of Schoenwerd and was born on May 17, 1801 in Schoenwerd.

The couple had five children:

  1. Alfred -- Born March 15, 1833 in Solothurn.  A merchant, married Maria Helena Mueller on November 14, 1864 in Gersau/SZ.  He lived in Aarau/AG.
  2. Otto Josephus -- Born May 20, 1835 in Solothurn.  A businessman in Aarau and later became a manufacturer in Schoenenwerd/SO.  He died on August 2, 1914.
  3. Ida Rosalia -- Born November 20, 1837 in Solothurn.  Remained single and died of typhus on September 23, 1855 in Solothurn.
  4. Mathilde Elisabeth -- Born October 26, 1840 in Solothurn - died in infancy.
  5. Bruno Albert -- Born November 6, 1841 in Solothurn.  A businessman, married Elisa Schoenhals from Germany on February 3, 1869 in Montevideo, Uruguay.  He died on December 7, 1895 in San Francisco, California.

Alois Wiser was a professional soldier and rose to the rank of Colonel.  He first lived in the town of Solothurn with his family, where he was elected administrator of the Quartermaster Store in 1839.  He held this position until his death.  He also was a Quartermaster General.  Alois Wiser died of stomach cancer on October 28, 1870.  The estate of Alois Wiser was settled on April 24, 1871.  (List of beneficiaries and heirs of Canton Solothurn, 1870-71, Volume 82, Number 37.)

The heirs:

  • Alfred Wiser, a son
  • Otto Wiser, a son
  • Bruno Wiser, a son, but living in America and represented by Friedrick Baumann
  • Katharina Wiser-Herzog, the widow who was beneficiary and trustee.

The value of the estate was SFr 44,665.59.  There were no debts to be discharged.


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